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Meet the team:




  • Social Worker Bachelor Degree,
  • Master Degree: Assistance and social inclusion of the elderly and people with disabilities,
  • Master Degree: International Social Work and Social Development (pending),
  • Graduate of the Faculty of Tourist and Commercial Management,


  • Volunteering and working with children and youth for more than 12 years being The President/Vice-president of The Art of Education Association, which was established in 2000 in her town, as an alternative education to the traditional one.
  • A professional career in management began in her youth life, starting her own business and developing a new manufactured industry in gift packaging /laser engraving, for more than 13 years, and then she continues her career, as an Executive Manager for a company in the construction.
  • Welfare adviser, providing information and guidance to individuals about social security benefits and welfare entitlements.


Education - Carmen (


  • The Faculty of Sociology and Psychology
  • Master of Media Communication and Information Management
  • Training in psychotherapy and personal development


  • Experience in Psychotherapy and Personal Development
  • Teacher, professor, school psychologist, clinician psychologist,
  • Coordinator Day Care Center for the Recovery of Children with Disabilities within the Cernavoda City Hall
  • Trainer for Trainers: School counseling and risk management for addictions (drug users)


Culture and Tradition - Bogdan (


  •  Elementary school


  • Together with other colleagues of him, about 20 workers in the construction industry in Berlin, they protested for 4 months for workers' rights, being supported by the FAU union
  • In 2000, he set up a handmade bracelet workshop in the day trend of those times. He designed the product, its production process, its promotion and sale. In 2004 he started a tailoring workshop with bracelet's money and led the business for 2 years having a team of 17 people. In 2006 he reopened the bracelet, business with a team of 30 people, an activity that lasted until 2015, going to fairs and festivals all over the country to sell our merchandise.


 Youth - Adriana ( 


  • Communication and Public Relationship Degree
  • Graduate of the High school in Sport


  • Guided by her parents as a child she started gymnastics at an early age, this was only the beginning, because after her first year of     school, she was transferred to a sport school, where she spent 11 years of her life. “I can say very proudly that those were the years that help me understand what is the meaning of teamwork, respect and understanding yourself and others.”
  • Experience in management, marketing, customer care and a lot of other positions, besides her permanent job she always offered her time for volunteer work in different organizations.


Sport - Tourism - Istvan (


  • Course in Engineering Management
  • Foundation of Kálmán Kandó Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Graduate of the High school: Mathematics and Physics


  • He contributed to all of the development projects of the Hungarian Rugby Union translating many materials (the official translation of  the 'Laws of the Game' in 1998), since 1993
  • As vice president and coach of the Budapest Bears (2002-2005) he managed to transform a bunch of hooligans into the most disciplined team in Hungary. He did not limit his activities to Hungary only, but became partners in events and organizations from other countries like Romania, Serbia, UK, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic etc.
  • In 2010 he joined a charity walk of 350 km for injured rugby players. Since then he was the organizer of two similar events, a 500 km walk in 2011 and 1,000 km walk in 2015.