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During the pandemic COVID-19 our venue is closed.

We run only the IAG office activities, for Information, Advice and Guidance.


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Kids/School CLUB


  • Promoting and supporting common interests of young people locally, nationally and internationally, to develop their skills and personality in an educational, professional and social action projects through the development of socio-cultural.
  • Involving young people in the process of identifying, preventing and solving community problems (active citizenship);
  • Promote inter-cultural dialogue, regional, national and international.
  • Promoting the principles and culture of Europeans citizenship.
  • Collaboration with other Charity’s or government by implementing joint projects for youth.


  • Encouragement of voluntary youth
  • Carrying out activities that improve academic performance, develop young people's creativity, self-esteem and vocational skills that maximize their potential as students, workers and citizens.
  • Implementation of national and international projects that contribute to a better knowledge of Europeans values ​​abroad.
  • Encouraging children and young people involved in artistic creation to participate in various cultural events of local, national and international, in partnership with other NGOs to promote local and national values.

Adriana’s statement: Here at EU-RO.UK I will be the YOUTH department coordinator, considering my experience and my abilities that I gained in these years, I consider that together we can build a nice and comfortable environment for our young nation, by offering them the possibility of development, integration, knowledge and the most important think that Youth need, the possibility to express themselves. Our purpose is to make a difference and to be visible to the rest of the world, and we will do all the guided by a quote that represents me: ” Together we can make things happen!”